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    A yacht is one of the prized possessions that you can own. Buying or selling a yacht is an enormous project that needs to be handled properly. That’s why Houston Yacht Broker is here to make sure that the outcome is in line with your wishes. 

    Houston Yacht Broker specializes in luxury yacht sales and purchases. We proudly serve all residents throughout Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas. We offer a tailored, professional, and enthusiastic service to all our clients.

    Offering the Very Best in Luxury Yachts

    Explore the full range of luxury yacht services that Houston Yacht Broker has to offer. Whether you want to buy or sell luxury yachts, we offer a world-class service backed by over two decades of exceptional client relationships.

    Houston Yacht Broker offers a new evolution in luxury yacht brokerage. Our team of agents believes in finding the perfect yacht for you, whatever your requirements. Listening to your needs and providing the right vessel is our main goal.

    Our expert agents are strategically positioned all over the region. With brokerages in Houston, United States, and International, we offer luxury yachts for sale in and around the world.

    Duties that Yacht Brokers Carry Out on Behalf of Buyers and Sellers

    Professional yacht brokers like Houston Yacht Broker will carry out activities depending on whether you are looking to buy or sell. We’ll look first at buying, and then move on to selling.

    Buying a Yacht

    When looking to buy a yacht, this is what you may expect from us.

    Preliminary Brief

    We will ask about your requirements, including size, facilities, and price. Some brokers choose to show you vessels that are different from what you’ve asked for. Perhaps they believe that something else may better suit your needs.

    Yacht brokers will use their judgment to ensure that you can afford the yacht. If the yacht doesn’t need a crew, they may also ask questions to understand whether you can operate it safely.

    Finding and Highlighting Suitable Yachts

    We will conduct research, and reach out to their network to find a vessel that meets your needs. This is where experience plays a vital role. Knowledge of wider market conditions and recent sales prices can be very helpful.

    Represent You Throughout the Process

    Once we find a yacht that meets your requirements, we will organize and conduct discussions and viewings. We will carry out the necessary due diligence, and make you aware of any issues the yacht has. 

    Expect a service history and full disclosure about both major and minor problems. Your yacht broker will confirm whether the vessel has liens. Liens are where yachts act as security against the outstanding debt. This is vital since buying a yacht with liens also means that you are likely to inherit the debt attached to it.

    Organize the Sea Trial and Survey

    Most buyers will request a sea trial and marine to ensure their purchase is as they expect. If the survey uncovers an issue, we can offer advice and help to find quotes for any needed repairs.

    Complete the Sale

    Once everything is satisfactory to all parties and all legal documents have been signed, we can help you find yacht maintenance and repair facilities. 

    Selling a Yacht

    In contrast, this is what you can expect from us if you are selling your yacht.

    Inspect and Create a Feature Specification Document

    We will ask questions and request documents from you to put together a complete history of the yacht, including where and how it was used, the number of previous owners, any repairs, and major incidents that it has been involved in. 

    Setting a Fair Asking Price

    We will use our expertise and knowledge of the yacht market to set a fair and realistic asking price. We can use multiple listing services to gauge the range of asking prices for your type of yacht. We can also have access to private data which includes actual sales prices.

    List and Advertise Your Yacht

    We will publish a listing to reach the most interested and qualified audience. Some forms of our advertising may include print media such as marine publications, email, and social media campaigns.

    Complete the Process

    We will arrange for the drawing, completion, and submission of the relevant legal document, the scheduling of the necessary surveys, and sea trials.

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    When selling or buying a yacht, expertise and experience are the most important factors. Call us today at 713-999-2268 to learn more about our yacht sales and purchases. Houston Yacht Broker proudly serves all residents throughout Houston, Texas, and the surrounding cities. 

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