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Yacht brokers work the same way as real estate agents. They are the ones whom people consult to find and purchase a yacht. They are the agents whom people hire to list, represent, and sell their yachts for them. 

If you are planning to buy a yacht, let the professional agents from Houston Yacht Broker help. We have the largest network of buyers and sellers worldwide than any other brokerage firm in the industry. We advertise all of the yachts for sale properly so that you can find the perfect boat that fits your needs.

Our priority is to make sure that you are well-informed on all of your choices so that you can buy the best yacht for you. For more than 20 years, we have acted as our client’s trusted advisor throughout the entire process of buying a yacht. From shopping to making an offer, to sea trial and survey, to closing and enjoying their new vessel, Houston Yacht Broker is here to assist.

Professional Buy and Sell Yacht Broker

What sets us apart from other brokerage firms is our professionalism and honesty throughout the entire sales cycle. Our agents are here to help you every step of the way.

If you are planning to sell your yacht, we believe that marketing is the key. We have one of the most effective marketing programs in the industry across several different platforms such as internet marketing, email marketing, print advertising, boat shows, and social media. We make sure that our listings are properly exposed on different platforms and websites both domestically and internationally.

Representing both buyers and sellers, we want to make your experience in buying or selling a yacht as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Houston Yacht Broker’s Role for the Buyer

Most pre-owned luxury yachts are marketed as either a “central agency listing” of a yacht broker or a trade-in. If you are interested in a broker listing or a trade-in, the listing broker or dealer likely knows the vessel inside and out. They have been chosen by the owner or seller to exclusively represent the vessel and all inquiries should go through the yacht broker. 

If you are not yet working with a yacht broker, give us a call. We will represent you in all of your inquiries and transactions.

Yacht Buying Process

At Houston Yacht Broker, here are the general steps that we follow for buying a yacht.

The Initial Inquiry

Houston Yacht Broker will listen closely to your wants and needs and will help you determine if the yacht you are calling on is the right vessel for you at the best value. We can objectively tell you about the condition of the yacht before you decide whether or not to spend your time looking at the vessel. 

Our professionals will help you determine if there are similar boats on and off the market, the history of the yacht, how long has it been listed on the market, and the motivation of the seller. Anyone can look up asking prices on yachts, but it takes a professional yacht broker like us to have a wider knowledge of current market conditions, a familiarity of similar boats, and information on the recent sale prices and time on the market through our exclusive access to some industry resources.

Getting Boat Loan and Marine Insurance

You may want to consider a boat loan before you shop. This will give you added leverage and breathing room when it comes to negotiating prices. 

Making an Offer on a Pre-Owned Boat

Houston Yacht Broker can help you decide on a realistic offer that increases the chances of buying a pre-owned boat for a fair and reasonable price, and with the necessary elements to protect your interests as a buyer. 

We will prepare an Offer to Purchase for your signature. The document should spell out the terms of the sale including obligations that you and the seller have agreed to, and when these obligations will be fulfilled. You will also make a good-faith deposit on the boat, which is usually placed in escrow and subject to sea trial and survey.

Making an Offer on a New Boat

Dealers taking trade-ins will inform you of any tax savings and tax issues associated with the trade-in. Price negotiations may include making your new boat available to show to other dealership clients in the future. Depending on whether the yacht is custom-built, or a production model, there is usually a basic cost, and other transportation expenses from the builder to the dealership, and optional equipment and installation.


Professional yacht brokers like Houston Yacht Brokers are familiar with all the necessary paper works for each county, province, or state, from the initial Offer to Purchase and Bill of Sale to licensing and registration. We understand liens for the type of vessels we represent, as well as contracts, listing agreements, closing statements, deposit requirements, and escrowed accounts to safeguard your funds.

Sea Trial and Survey

A buyer of a pre-owned vessel will usually request a sea trial and the services of a marine surveyor. Buyers pay for the costs of surveys and for hauling the boat out of the water for inspection purposes. Our agents will attend the sea trial and marine survey with you and help you determine how to address any yacht survey issues.

Negotiating the Deal

We can use our position as a middleman to keep the negotiations between you and the seller moving to a successful conclusion.

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